Dr. Taylor Priselac

Meet Taylor Priselac

Acupuncture By Taylor by Dr. Taylor Priselac is a safe space for you to heal, recover, and start living a healthier life.

Meet Taylor Priselac

Acupuncture By Taylor is a safe space for you to heal, recover, and start living a healthier life.

A unique perspective, friend, and advocate for your health and wellness.

I know that living your healthiest life is often easier said than done. My own health challenges with autoimmune issues left me feeling lost and lonely. Eventually, I found the support I needed through holistic medicine and it changed everything.
I’m here to make healthcare less stressful and more accessible for you. To support you and help you feel in control of your life despite your illness.
I do this because because it’s fun. Every day I wake up with the intention of building meaningful, mutually inspiring relationships. I believe that when we work together to live healthier lives, our whole community thrives. I can’t wait to meet you and start this healing journey together!

With Love, Taylor

Meet Your Acupuncturist & Wellness Advocate

About Dr. Taylor Priselac, DAOM, L.Ac

Certified by the California Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM
Taylor is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. Finding inspiration from modern research and classical texts, she recognizes the benefits of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and conventional biomedicine to treat her patients. She maintains a holistic view of health and emphasizes stress reduction, sleep, and healthy digestion concurrently with all other treatments. With a gentle needling style, she also aims to make the experience enjoyable for her patients!
She first became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine while struggling with autoimmune diseases. These affected her both mentally and physically, and were not responsive to Western medical treatments. After finally finding relief through Acupuncture treatments, she shifted her career to help others heal and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Taylor lives with her family in Ocean Beach where she loves to spend time by the water, practice yoga, cook, play soccer, dance, and write.
Dr. Taylor Priselac